Do You Cover Your Head With a Cap so No One Will See Your Hair Loss

Now I am not going to tell you that I discovered the secret to growing hair with some special mixture or pill. I don’t think anyone has done that yet and that maybe a long ways off. But what I am going to tell and show you is a way that I have been using to save my head from completely balding. Of course I am still looking into many different ways to keep hair from falling out and trying new remedies that give my scalp some hair growth. I have lost a lot of my beautiful hair and I want to keep what I have left.

My Hair

When I started to lose my hair I was not a nutritionist. But after becoming one, I keep the idea of “how can I recover some of my hair?” and then later I started thinking “How do I keep some of the hair I have left.?”

I have talked with many people and have done a lot of research as you will see in my e-book on growing and saving hair. I have tried many shampoos, hair oil mixtures, and nutritional drinks. At last I have decided to write this hair book to give you the benefit of some of the mixtures and research that has worked for me.

Are You In Your Twenties?

Some of you are in your early twenties or thirties and want some help to stop your hair loss. I have some methods for you, but you need to start using them right away otherwise it will be hard for you to regain what you have lost. I wish I had applied what I know now at the point where i was losing my hair. And, now i realize that it was due to stress and malnutrition. If had applied what I know now i would have regained some of my hair.

Were Your Parents Bald?

Many of you think that since your parents were bald, then you will follow in the same steps. This is true only if want to. If you follow the suggestion that i give you, you can keep your hair longer and will lose less of it. Don’t wait until you live up to your expectations of balding like your parents.

Here is what you will discover in this
“New Hair Loss Treatment “

  • Learn the latest information and the many reasons why causes hair
    loss and when you do, you have a better chance of preventing it
  • Discover what you need to do to improve your blood circulation to your scalp

  • Find out what DHT is and why it controls you hair growth and hair loss

  • Discover what promotes the formation of DHT and what you can do to stop it
    without drug but with diet and special minerals and nutrients.

  • I give how to buy your shampoos and how to make your own, which will feed your hair and make it grow.

  • I tell you what hair rinse you can make yourself and why you must use it to help your hair accept protein as its food

  • Discover why the thyroid affects your hair growth and what you need to do if you have thyroid problems

  • Find out what the best nutritional supplements are that will help you hair grow and what in what foods you will find these nutrients

  • Discover what type of diet you must follow to give the best chance of saving and growing your hair. Get the information you really need about what protein, carbohydrates, and fats you need to eat

  • Start using a the high powered smoothie that I use every morning to power up my scalp for hair growth

  • Now you will know what the 5 major foods that you must avoid since the promote hair loss

  • Discover how to do exercise that will bring in the oxygen you need to help you grow hair

These are but the highlights of what you will discover in the “How to Stop Hair Loss and Grow Hair.” There is so much more but it is better for you to read all of this powerful information. If you have read my constipation e-book, you know the in-depth information i give.

Natural Acid Reflux Nutritional Diet

In this special report, I outline the nutritional diet that you need to follow if you want to get rid of acid reflux or heartburn. You get all of the information on what foods feed your acid reflux and what foods help you stabilize your stomach and help you stop your acid reflux.

Don’t Suffer with Acid Reflux

You don’t have to keep suffering with acid reflux since this report will help you. Even if you have just started to have symptoms of acid reflux – burning sensation along your chest, pain near the top of your stomach, bloating, burping gas – the information in this report will help balance your stomach activities.

Over the Counter Remedies

Yes you can take over the counter remedies or even get a prescription for drugs. But remember, drugs don’t cure you, they simply cover over your symptoms and cause side effects that lead to other conditions or diseases. Once a doctor prescribes Prilosec or Prevacid, he will want you to take it indefinitely.

Yes, there are times that you need to take drugs, but you need to use them for a short time and then look for nutritional ways to bring your body back into balance. One other serious thought is that studies have found that using drugs for acid reflux enhances the chances of you getting esophageal cancer and I definitely don’t want you to get this far with your acid reflux.

Thursday, July 24, 2014
From: Rudy Silva, Natural Nutritionist and Researcher
Natural Remedies Thatwork Newsletter


Hi, this is Rudy Silva, Natural Nutritionist, and I want to share with you a way that you can side step the use of long term drugs by using a nutritional diet to help you with your acid reflux or heartburn.

I don’t want to make this a long letter, because what I am presenting here is a natural way to you balance your body and get rid of any stomach imbalances. It’s that simple and it is done by diet and nutrition.

What I am giving you here is something that most doctors know little about since they were not trained in nutrition, diet, and the use of natural remedies.

Here is what you will find in this special report called,
Acid Reflux Nutritional Diet

  • I give you a list of 6 different things you need to do right away as a starter to eliminate your acid reflux.


  • Then, I give 12 different techniques that will help you stop acid reflux right away

  • You get the foods that you should be eating to avoid acid reflux and this allows you time to heal any areas of inflammation in your stomach or esophagus.


  • I specify which teas and special techniques you should be drinking and using when you have an acid reflux attack
  • Then, discover which Chinese natural remedy, you can use to start curing your acid reflux and you can cook this remedy right in your kitchen


  • You immediately will have 7 different natural remedies that you can choose from to cure your acid reflux. These remedies are so powerful so that they can kill bacteria and repair areas of your stomach and esophagus that have be compromised by your acid reflux.


  • Now, I will tell you what are most important vitamins and minerals you need to supplement with to make sure you strengthen your stomach and esophagus valve – the value that allows acid back into your esophagus


  • You will also get suggestions about which exercises to do and which ones not to do. Sorry, but some exercise is required. Even if you didn’t have acid reflux, exercise is necessary for good health.


  • With all this information, you could get confused as to what to do. Now in the last section, I give you my recommendations as to how to start using this information. This gives you direction so that you can get started right away to get rid of your acid reflux.